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Catherine Chinnock

Art Therapist
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My approach to therapy is rooted in Spiritual Psychology, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Somatic Therapy

Spiritual Psychology involves opening your connection with the Divine through guided inner journeys and building relationships wth your own personal spirit guides and teachers.  It is based in appreciation for the innate wisdom and interconnectedness of all things.  Moving through your body, connecting to your inner senses, and opening your insight, intuition, and imagination will serve as your pathways to your personal. sacred connection to the Divine.

IFS has a similar approach of turning inward and connecting with the compassionate, Divine nature within us as a resource for supporting hurt or overly protective parts.  The focus is building your relationship with the unique parts of yourself that grew to help you navigate the world.  Often these parts are overworked or out of date.  Through your increased connection to them, you move towards a more intentional and balanced way of relating to yourself, others, and the world.  This also allows you to build supportive and trusting relationships with the wounded parts of yourself, freeing these parts of the burdens of unresolved emotions or self-limiting beliefs, and allowing them to share their gifts, openly and freely.

All of this work respects the wisdom of the body as much, if not more than the intelligence of the mind.  Somatic Therapy is the foundation of getting to kow your body and to work with it as a resource.


As a therapist in practice for over twenty years, I have worked with all ages of people with diverse experiences of the world.  I've helped people in developing their ability to manage daily life, strengthen relationships, connect with their own inner darkness, move through deep experiences of pain, and exist in a world that feels lonely and isolating.  I've shared the joys of connecting with inner strength, building resources previously unimagined, finding voice, discovering innate creativity, and connecting with Spirit.

At this point in my career, I am in service of supporting individuals in connecting with their inner landscape, to build trusting relationships with the protective parts that unintentionally block their light, to connect with gifts hidden under fears, to trust their own innate wisdom, and to feel their personal connection with the Divine.  As we bring ourselves into a more expansive state of consciousness, we allow ourselves to experience the deep love, joy, respect, and connection to the Divine in ALL things.  My service is rooted in the knowing that as we heal ourselves, we contribute to collective healing. 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

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